fridaynimh asked: "What was the first experience you had with designing for a 'product, client and/or a cause' that you knew you were going to be a graphic designer for life?"

That is a really good question. I remember exactly when it happened. 

I was 13 years old. A teacher at school asked us to create a product, anything at all, to later promote and try to sell to her. All my friends did the usual dish-soap, regular soap bars, shampoos and stuff like that, but I wanted to stand out and create something different and more upscaled. So I decided to cheat and skip the “product making” process and used a perfume a cousin of mine made for a different school project before and focused on the poster. I grabbed a big black board, bended it to create and “infinite” background look, placed the perfume in the middle and took a bunch of pictures of it from different angles. I later took everything to a really basic design program that I don’t even remember the name of and added more contrast, fixed the colors and added some smoke to it (very minimum). It ended up looking like a really minimalist, elegant poster with the name centered at the top in a small, white font, the product in the middle with a bit of “smoke” essence coming from it, a tag line under it (that I unfortunately can’t remember) and a lot of empty space. My teacher of course doubted I made the product but the selling part was so good and different from the others she didn’t care that much (and obviously I sworn I made it from scratch…) 

After that everything feel into place. Everyone was so impressed that for the first time I really felt proud of my self in different way than ever before I knew then that I wanted to feel like that for the rest of my life.

From there I stared to dive in more and more exploring new programs, photography, drawing, painting, etc., and started to do small projects for friends and family like birthday cards, wallpapers for their computers, and stuff like that.

Not long after the school asked to participate in a logo contest for a day camp they were staring out. My submission won me a summer scholarship for an Adobe Illustrator course. And here I am now.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Thank you so much for asking, I really appreciate it.