HI, thanks for the visit!

My name is Gabriela Roger. I’m Art Director, Graphic Designer, Photo Retoucher living and working in Miami with a passion for advertising, design, photography, fashion and pretty things ;)

I'm inspired by everything and anything I see, feel, hear or even taste. That's why you will find me probably in any social media or participative platform there is, in all of which my user name is rogergabriela. Resume and work network on LinkedIn. Interests, references and A LOT of boards on Pinterest. A bit of a more personal side to the public on my Instagram. Favorite videos, ads and channels on YouTube. Instant connection on Twitter. And a just a few more if you're really interested: FlickrBehance and last but not least my awesome store at Society6 where you can by a lot of cool products with my original designs.

And if you're still reading, thanks for carrying! Here are some facts about me:
• I speak English and Spanish and I know a few words in Italian, French and Russian.
• I endorse multi-tasting. 
• My favorite color is yellow.
• I sometimes sew my own clothes (I'm very crafty)
• I love karaoke.
• I have 2 black cats called Negris and Chepi.
• I'm in my early 20s. 
• Probably I won't be updating the last point on purpose. 

If you have any questions about me or my work I'll be glad to help clear them up if you send me and email to hello[at]rogergabriela[dot]com or fill put the form below.